Bikram Yoga – Dealing with a Lower Back Problem.

Hi there,
My name is William and I practice at Bikram Yoga Harolds Cross. In practice years, I am nearly five years old, still pretty young and new to yoga.
I was asked to write a testimonial for this website of my story so far with a lower back problem, which I am happy to do and share with you.
For nearly ten years I have been suffering periodically from lower back pain. In my case it is caused by a chronic degeneration of the disc between vertebrae L5 – S1. The main aspects are a narrowing of the gap between the vertebrae and a bulging of the disc against the nerve roots.
At the early stages, I often ignored the warning signals whenever I started feeling pain, just waiting for it to pass and leaving it to chance. As the occasions and the intensity presented itself more often, something had to be done. Lucky chance, this time, I attended my first Bikram Yoga class during the Christmas period of 2009, here at Harolds Cross. I was unfit, overweight and in many ways felt broken entering this doorway into yoga. My attendance and practice increased, I felt better and my back was more at ease after every class.
Unfortunately, a physically over demanding machine installation oversees in August 2013 catapulted the problem into a serious issue and I was in incredible pain.
I received good assistance from different medical professionals to shroud and numb the pain. These temporary methods were in the form of medication and a steroid epidural. Surgery was also discussed, so I struggled on for months. Along the way I had to identify fully with the cause, reconnect and find balance again. I decided to return to what benefited me the most prior to this incident; practicing Bikram Yoga.
Initial progress was slow, difficult and uncomfortable. Twelve months on and my wellbeing is much improved, pain levels are low and my outlook is very positive.
Commitment to a regular practice, patience, a growing understanding of the sequence of postures along with good advice from the teachers, has cultivated this progress.
I attend the evening classes whereas before I used to practice at 6:30am. The additional range of flexibility available later in the day, combined with the heat and intensity, works best for me right now.
As human beings we are self regulating and self healing, add to this a tempering process of participatory healing and results will follow.
The modern era also provides new and developing treatment methods for the back which can be beneficial depending on the circumstances. I tried out laser therapy, a non-invasive treatment, and attended two short sessions with a highly skilled consultant. The level and depth of laser penetration stimulates a specific concentration of energy into the damaged area. Best results are achieved when used in conjunction with a dedicated and appropriate exercise program. Lucky me! I practice Bikram Yoga.
What happens next, we’ll see, I’m just happy to be a part of this inspiring community and grateful to be able to practice yoga.
Having this opportunity I would like to thank Anne, the teachers, fellow practitioners and physiotherapist Tony.
See you in the hot room!