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Introduction Offer

Bikram Yoga is 26 Hatha Yoga postures plus two breathing exercises which systematically work every part of the body to give all internal organs, all the veins, all the ligaments and all the muscles everything they need to give you optimum health and maximum function.

The heat helps the alchemy happen, the oxygenated blood supply can move more fluidly, dilated capillaries can exchange materials between the blood and tissue cells more effectively, promoting greater healing. The heat promotes sweating, cleansing the largest organ of detoxification in the body, the skin. Perhaps the overriding benefit is that your precious body heat is not lost to a cold environment. The heat also helps you meditate, when class gets difficult you have no option but to go within. The benefits of the heat are unquantifiable.

Our anti microbial carpet provides a safe environment for your yoga practice. When you step onto the carpet to grip in the leg strengthening series you automatically engage the inner thigh muscle without even thinking of it. This is an often overlooked muscle. Healthy knees require 360 degree strength. 

It takes 60 minutes for the body to warm up, the last 30 minutes is exponentially therapeutic. Also in the last 30 minutes, fat cells dissolve and are used as energy promoting weight loss.

The series is holistic, not only do you dissolve fat cells and use them as energy, thus happens exponentially in the last 30 minutes of your class. Every facet of the class promotes weight loss. 

The series is a diagnostic tool, your inability to hold a posture correctly can often tell you which parts of your body are weak or not functioning well. Persevere, the yoga class will balance your body and you will improve gradually. Nothing is immediate in yoga.