Ever since my first Bikram yoga class back in July of 2006, I’ve considered myself a yogi. Not a guru by any means, but a yogi in the sense that I immediately understood the benefits that a regular practice would bring to my life.

Having an active lifestyle throughout my life has been a mixture of pros and cons for my overall health. Obviously staying fit was good for my mental and physical conditioning, but also took a heavy toll on my body. Playing sports, lifting weights, running, and biking were fun and healthy aspects of my life, but also key factors of wear and tear in my joints, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and fascia tissue. Over the years this physical degradation manifested into problematic conditions which began to affect my quality of life.

Bikram yoga reverses damage done by exercise or accidental trauma. Stretching every part of the body in a safe, controlled environment not only helps to re-align and balance the