bikram quotes


“If you do 1% correct, or 99% correct, both of you get 100% benefit, medically, biochemically, physiologically, psychologically. As long as you are trying the right way, and you don't give up. That's the ultimate destination.”

“You have nothing to loose, you had nothing to begin with.”

“Just think of it.”

“The darkest place in the world is under the lamp.”

“Don’t change the yoga, let the yoga change you.”

“Everything you do in your life, put your body, mind and spirit into it 110%. That is true meditation.”

“Your mind is your own worst enemy.”

“Face the truth. Don’t wait until tomorrow to do something that can be done today.”

“Having doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to use it.”

“A negative thought is nine times more powerful than a positive one.”

“I don't sell cheesecake here - I sell Life! Good Life! -you have to go through hell.”

“Hatha yoga is a gas station, it is the only place in the world where you gain energy...   instead of losing it.”

“Practicing Yoga Asanas is the only natural physical activity in the world, because it is scientific. With the help of science, we can explain nature.”

“The spine is the source of all energy in human life.”